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Rebuilt Ibach Boudoir Grand (1897)

Fully Rebuilt & Restored Ibach (5’8”) Boudoir Grand Piano (Rebuilt 2010) (Restored 2017/18)

Immaculate and prestigious Rud Ibach Sohn high quality period grand piano. The piano has a distinctive warm voice and singing line that is more than capable of reaching into the corners of large room, despite it's compact size. The sense of history, methodical craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty is simply unmatched, with its newly restored Rosewood fish-tail cabinet, fretted music stand, renewed brass, ornate layer, and large turned legs. Ibach are the oldest and most prestigious Germany manufacturer of all time. All the big names learned from them.

The rebuild includes: New strings, pins, custom fitted pinblock, refinished bridge caps, damper felts, key bushings, hammer heads, fully varnished soundboard, restored original ivory key tops, refinished brass throughout, concert regulated action, and guilded cast iron frame.

The tone is full, rounded, even and pure, with a clear and potent bass register and sparkling mid/high end. The keys are perfectly weighted and has a light to medium responsive touch, a real pleasure to play.  When playing, you don’t have to hold back and can expend as little or as much energy as required. Although built in 1897, this Ibach looks, feels, and plays like a new grand piano due to its full rebuild.

Ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced
Comes with five year warranty, new adjustable matching stool, free delivery, and piano is tuned on arrival

Length: 176cm (5'8")

Width: 148cm
Length: 98cm