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Distinctive Sound & Consistent Quality

Lucid Pianos are a perfect addition to any sophisticated home. They combine the beauty of modern acrylic design with the excellence in performance that is expected from an instrument manufactured by Blüthner. The craftsmanship of a Blüthner piano is unparalleled. The use of the Blüthner-patented Aliquot stringing method enhances the quality of their instruments by providing more depth to each note and creating a fuller sound. It is this stringing method that led the famous composer Tchaikovsky to exclaim: “Blüthner is the perfection of sound.” Your Lucid Piano will have the same performance characteristics as a standard Blüthner Piano. The use of acrylic, rather than wood provides stability against humidity and brings the design into the 21st century.

The unique designs coupled with Blüthner’s attention to detail, allows Lucid pianos to craft exceptional instruments that carry the name of a brand that has perfected the piano production process during its 160 years of existence. The exceptional sound of the Lucid Piano line coupled with the newly aesthetically pleasing designs will bring much joy to your room, as a magnificent sounding instrument and a beautiful conversation piece. Blüthner belongs to the prestigious Bund Deutscher Klavierbauer E.V. association. Blüthner’s membership to this association guarantees you production quality and product authenticity.

IRMLERTranslucid Grand Piano an affordable premium brand  design Grand Piano

Modern technology, choice materials, a touch of magic transparency, supervised manufacturing and final quality inspection by German Master craftsmen guarantees a lasting experience of unrivalled musical excitement. 

IRMLER Grand Piano is a Blüthner trademark and Blüthner guaranteed.

Customizable: The IRMLER Translucid premium grade Designers Grand Piano is fully customizable: Cast Iron Frame + Soundboard and the Casing or Outer Rim, of the Irmler Translucid  is customizable in different finishes: from High Polished Polyester Black or White, to Walnut and Mahogany Veneer and to any color of the “ralcolor” chart is available.  

HaesslerTRANSLUCIDPIANO   Designed and manufactured by Blüthner

In 1853, Julius Blüthner established the identity of his instrument utilizing classical methods of piano building, obtaining the unparalleled height of piano performance in the Blüthner instrument. Abroad, the high demand for German craftsmanship dictated that a modern, more expedient process be developed. Blüthner´s skill in manufacturing two different voices with virtuosity resulted in the creation of the Haessler pianoforte, a tribute to Dr. Rudolf Blüthner-Haessler, one of the great visionaries of the Blüthner Family. Translucidpiano is proud to offer this other distinctive voice in a Haessler pianoforte, designed and manufactured by Blüthner. An advantageous value for the money, paired with a long-standing experience in traditional German piano craftsmanship are a guarantee for the consistency of our quality and an enjoyment for generations to come. 

Customizable:  The interior: Frame + Soundboard and the casing of the Haessler Translucid Grand is customizable in different polyester and a wide variety of veneer  finishes.

Lucid iDyllic– UPRIGHT PIANO


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