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Upright Piano
Tuning Only: 100
Tuning & Full Service: 150

Baby Grand Piano (Up to 5'8")
Tuning Only: 120
Tuning & Full Service: 170

Grand Piano (Over 5'8")
Tuning Only: 150
Tuning & Full Service: 200

Please Note: If your piano has not been tuned in over three years, it will require a tuning and full service.

Text: 0871497607 (Cathal O'Briain is a piano tuner and is sometimes unable to answer phone when tuning. Please text him if you wish to book a tuning).

What is a Full Service: 
A full service covers the overall maintenance and regulation of your piano in order for it to perform at its best, in both tone and touch.  

Here is what's done:

The internal mechanism called the action is removed, pressure blasted free of dust, realigned, recentred, with all points lubricated. Free play is removed from action and keys, piano is regulated. 

What is Regulation?
The inner working mechanism of your piano is meant to work and perform exactly as it was built by the original manufacturer. Periodic adjustments to the action must be made in order to correct problems generated through the wear and tear of natural time. Having the action regulated ensures that all its parts and points work collectively and perfectly together. Pedals are also regulated and lubricated. Piano is tuned and toned. Any missings parts such as tapes or springs are replaced.