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Counties Covered: Dublin, Louth, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow.

Dublin: Upright Piano
Upright Piano Tuning Only: €80
Upright Piano Tuning & Basic Service: €100
Upright Tuning & Basic Service & Repair: €120

Outside Dublin: 
Upright Piano Tuning Only: €100
Upright Piano Tuning & Basic Service: €120
Upright Tuning & Basic Service & Repair: €140

Dublin: Grand Piano
Grand Piano Tuning Only: €100
Grand Piano Tuning & Basic Service: €120
Grand Tuning & Basic Service & Repair: €140

Outside Dublin: 
Grand Piano Tuning Only: €120
Grand Piano Tuning & Basic Service: €140
Grand Tuning & Basic Service & Repair: €160
A full piano restoration takes one month. Piano is uplifted and transported to workshop. Case is professionally stripped, sanded, and sealed. Brassworks are removed and refinished on a buffing wheel, including the original screws and felts. Case is sprayed to customers desired finish (gloss, satin, matt etc.)

Internals are removed. Action is cleaned, centred, and realigned. Tapes, springs and felts are removed and replaced with quality new parts. Hammer heads are shaved/voiced and instrument is toned.

Strings are de-rusted and cleaned individually. Padding in the pedal section is replaced, pedals taken out, buffed on wheel, then put back in and regulated. Keys are cleaned, repaired, and returned to new standard if possible, or the entire keyboard is replaced if necessary and requested. When restoration work is complete the piano is tuned and regulated. By the end, the piano looks and sounds the same as it did leaving the factory floor, or better. 
Work is carried out by Tim Jackson and Cathal O'Briain

Upright Piano Full Restoration: €1,900
Baby Grand Piano Full Restoration: €2,900
6ft to 7ft Grand Piano Full Restoration: €3,900