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Piano Regulation & Voicing

Low cost professional piano regulation, tuning, servicing and repair for customers in Dublin and surroundsTo book call Cathal O'Briain on 0871497607
WHAT IS REGULATION? The inner working mechanism of your piano is called the Action and is meant to work and perform exactly as it was built by the original manufacturer. Periodic adjustments to the action must be made in order to correct problems generated through the wear and tear of natural time. Having the action regulated ensures that all its parts and points work collectively and perfectly together.
WHAT IS VOICING? Your piano has a Voice and unique character of its own. The hammers that strike the strings, over time and through being played, wear down and become compacted. This causes the tone to become too bright and harsh, but can be corrected through Voicing which is achieved by the service technician aligning, needling, shaping, or hardening the hammers in order to bring back the original tone. All pianos must be fine tuned and regulated before they can be voiced.
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