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Art Deco Challen


Restored (8'2") Art Deco Challen by Klement Zoltan, UK

A rare and beautiful Art Deco Challen from the 1960's, originally made for the BBC, with recently completed body restoration and high quality veneering by the reputable piano builder and Art Case restorer Klement Zoltan. This instruments shape and styling is aesthetically unique and incomparable to any other type of grand piano from the same period. Due to its robust internal action, the player can expend as little or as much energy as required, as it feels even and responsive when playing, with nicely weighted keys, even tone throughout the range, and significant overall presence due to large soundboard and long strings.

The tone is rich and velvety, with a potent and strong bass register, mellow mid range, and sparkling clear high end, but not too bright. The pedals feel good under your feet and are spaced perfectly apart for comfortable effective damping and sustain. Klement Zoltan has carefully selected the very finest woods, veneers, and quality internal components for this pianos rebuild to former glory, only it now looks even better than its original maker had intended.

Klement is known for taking his time and pays great attention to detail on his instruments. Some of his previous Harpsichord rebuilds demonstrate an ability to combine precise Marquetry Veneering with a more fluid personal artisic style of veneering, to create a look that complements both the year and style of the original instrument, but also shows Klements personal and subjective ideas on contemporary styling.