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Hailun HU-121C

The New Hailun Crescendo HU-121C Acoustic Piano

The Hailun HU121C is an instrument of the highest quality and has a superb rich tone and stunning contemporary aesthetics. The high sheen grained Walnut polyester casing is beautiful and distinctively different in shape than other modern uprights, with shapely curves and glowing brassworks that make it stand out from the crowd.

The protective brass plate surrounding the pedals is a nice feature and the slow fall lid system means the lid closes slowly by itself, thus protecting the player fingers and piano from impact damage. The practice pedal which is used for quiet play means you can play at any time of the day or night without disturbing your family or neighbours.

For half the price of a Yamaha or Kawai, you still get the same level of quality and performance which is on par with the very best makers in the industry. Our low price includes delivery, tuning on arrival, five year warranty and new adjustable matching German stool. This instrument will easily guide you through their grades and and is built to last a lifetime.

Price: 3,900

About Hailun
Hailun pianos have a distinct clear and colourful tone which is founded on the strength of its Siberian spruce soundboard, German Roslau strings and high quality European and Japanesse internal design. Hailuns are the perfect blend of East and West contemporary piano design, with balance provided by Hailuns Performance Plus Design Action and Basswood keys.

Hailun is rated with Yamaha and Steinway as the most valuable piano brand by Musical Instrument Review, which is a highly regarded industry publication. The piano is crafted using fine hardwoods, with no use of plastics, which can be found in many Yamaha and Kawai pianos. The plate is made using expensive wet sand casting, similar to Steinway, instead of the cheaper vacuum mold process.

Hailun has retained the talents of well known American piano designer and engineer George. F. Emerson, Vienesse piano voicing and sound specialist Zlatkovic Sibin, Japanesse production specialist Ema Shiqeru and French scale designer and piano builder Stephen Paulello. These partnerships ensure long term quality, innovation, and artistic production at Hailun Pianos. With over 360 European piano dealers, over 80 Authorised Hailun Merchants, over 40 merchants in Japan, and a growing network in other parts of the world, the Hailun Piano Company is a global influence in the world of pianos.