Laura Lynn-O'Briain Pianos


About LauraLynn

LauraLynn is a hospice for children with life-limiting conditions and residential care for young adults with disabilities. O'Briain Pianos and legendary Producer Peter Eades are grateful to Stevie George at LauraLynn for accommodating our donation of a fully restored and rebuilt Bentley piano and new acoustic guitar for the busy Music Therapy room at the hospital.

Please note:
O'Briain Pianos do not accept pianos being donated for charity. The pianos we donate are from our own stock, fully restored, and are carefully chosen to suit their environment. Thank you


Become a Registered Volunteer
teers are a key members of TeamLauraLynn. We have a team of volunteers that help us to enhance the services provided here in LauraLynn. From working directly with our children and young adults to providing admin support or driving, volunteers are active in every department and work closely with our staff to provide the best possible service. Our registered volunteers support us both on and off site helping to create magical moments for the children and young adults in our care.

Volunteering for a children’s hospice is not for everyone and can be a challenging environment but we do have a variety of roles to suit many skills and interests. Whether it is interacting with the children and young adults or helping us raise vital funds to support the hospice, we appreciate your support. To join the team, you will need to complete the application process which includes Garda Vetting, Reference Checks and Induction Training where you will meet with our Volunteer Coordinator. This process can take up to 3 months with more training required if you are accepted and assigned a role with us.