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Steinway Wholesale Prices

Henry E Steinway founded the Steinway Piano in 1853. To this day, it continues to be the standard of excellence for pianos in touch, sound, beauty and investment value. Since then, the instrument has been improvised several times over the years. Pre-owned pianos have been rebuilt, restored, reconditioned and resold by many companies involved in the business of restoration. However, it is good to check out the genuineness of the name brand quality before considering used Steinway pianos.

Soundboards are one of the most unique features of Steinway pianos. Several companies make their own soundboards with stringent standards set with respect to the piano soundboard spruce. Their soundboards are never sold to outsiders. A counterfeit will never sound the same as the original, and therefore, while checking out used Steinway pianos, insist on documentary proof with serial number included, confirming that the soundboard replacement was done at a Steinway restoration center. They are the only authorized rebuilder for the pianos. A piano restored by them comes nearest to a brand-new one.

If you intend to look at used Steinway pianos in the market, it is important to check out the quantum of repairs carried out, and the extent to which critical parts like the soundboard have been replaced. Pianos rebuilt by the authorized Steinway dealer comes with a 5-year guarantee and are usually replaced with genuine parts. If the restoration is not by different Steinway restoration centers, it is advisable to obtain a written statement certifying that the piano has 100% genuine Steinway parts, or better still, one can download the declaration of Steinway parts authenticity PDF and request the seller to complete the form.

One of the key details to be verified is the serial number of the piano which is applied on the cast-iron plate at the time of completion. With the Serial Number it is possible to look up the year the piano was built at Look up a Steinway serial number. Most businesses can call out the details of model, original finish, completion date and even the dealer to whom the piano was first shipped to with the help of the serial number.

Steinway Pianos play and sound best when genuine parts are used. A lot of rebuilders use non-Steinway parts and these pianos will consequently be available at a significantly lower cost. Both new and used Steinway pianos are akin to heirlooms. They are good investment and are musical instruments par excellence. The 125 fresh patents granted to the stores selling them over the years is testimony of the Steinway commitment to innovation and advancement.

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Buying a piano can be a huge purchase even if it is a used Steinway piano. You should always research the piano dealer Houston before purchasing the grand piano you are interested in. Making sure you make a smart purchase is the best way to ensure you are enjoying beautiful music from your piano for the rest of your life.