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Music Therapy

Music Therapy for Positive Thinking and Creative Living

Music Therapy addresses a wide range of cognitive, social, physical, psychological and emotional needs. A qualified Music Therapist assesses the strengths of each client and provides creative interventions which include playing, listening, creating music, singing, dancing, and moving to the rhythm of music. This enhances communication skills, attention span, leadership role, sense of well-being and ability to express in situations where words might normally be difficult.

Music therapy is proven to be effective by medical, scientific and psychological establishments internationally. Itís used successfully in many health and clinical settings, nursing homes, complementary health clinics, social and special education settings, with a strong emphasis on confidence building through musical creativity and positive self-expression. Playing an instrument such as the piano is a great way to bring about positive psycho-physiological changes in a fun and relaxing environment. It is known that Einstein really began to shine when he began learning violin at a young age and music was quite possibly the driving force behind his genius and ability to work out things intuitively. 

Music Therapy is Powerful for Addressing: Physical, intellectual and learning disabilities.

It Helps Promote:
General health, positivity and well-being
The ability to explore thoughts, feeling, sensations and emotions through music
Comfort in self-expression and communicating feelings and emotions
Sense of identity through group play and song creation
Communication and relationship skills
Sensory stimulation, vocalization and social interaction
Stress reduction and positive relaxation
Problem solving and conflict resolution
Creativity, self-confidence and self-control
Pain alleviation and physical rehabilitation

For more information on Music Therapy please visit: www.musictherapyireland.com