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Antique Piano Restoration

In today's economy, having your piano restored is an alternative to buying a new expensive one. A highly restored Antique piano's worth will grow up to 20 times the un-restored worth. Furthermore, they convey sound much better as the years go by, due in part to the quality and aging process of the wood. Nowadays, many factory-made pianos are using inferior parts on their cabinets such as saw dust board, which is unheard of on hand-made Antique pianos. Also, many magnificent veneers and craftsmanship on Antique pianos are unavailable on contemporary pianos today. And lastly, "it's just good for the environment", no trees from the tropical rain forest need to be cut down to have your piano restored. 

At Antique Piano Restorators, piano restoration is our passion. Our modern day factory is equipped with state of the art equipment which is crucial in restoring your piano to original specifications. 
Our skilled craftsmen, with their ancient world techniques and greater than 100 years of combined experience in the piano manufacturing; therefore, come together collectively to propose the highest quality assistance obtainable. This expertise has given us the capacity to bring out exclusive qualities of each antique piano; therefore, preserving the historical integrity of the piano and assuring our customers the long-term value of their investment. No detail is spared, and we never compromise on quality.

Complete restoration Includes the following:

1. Technical measurements are taken,
which are helpful in rebuilding the piano to its
original state.

2. The piano is carefully disassembled
and each cabinet part is stamped with its
identification number. This ensures
identification in the assembling procedure.
Strings, plate, pin-block, and action is detached.

3. The whole cabinet parts are hand stripped with
a finish remover.

4. Cabinet and bridges are placed in a drying room where the humidity point is lowered prior to repair.

5. All wood surfaces are cautiously inspected for damage and then properly repaired, prior to staining and sealing.

6. Wood surfaces are stained to the customer's preference of wood tone, followed by multiple lacquer sealer coats, and then ultimately by the final lacquer finish coats.

7. Later final curing, finishers meticulously hand rub all cabinet parts to provide it the classic piano satin finish


1. Plate is inspected for any structural damage and/or cracks.

2. Plate is stripped, and repaired if needed.
3. Plate is primed and color and lacquer finish is applied.

4. Serial numbers and logos are applied (matching originals).


Each piano comes with a brand new custom made pinblock made to factory specifications.


1. Initially, is to elect if to restore the existing soundboard or to replace it with a custom duplicate.

2. In repairing an existing soundboard, any cracks or seams are routed out and a new piece of spruce shim is inserted. We then accurately apply stain to best match its original look.

Our substitution soundboards are Canadian made from Bolduc.


Each piano receives a custom new set of treble and bass strings.


Each piano receives a custom new set of keytops. Ebony's are repaired if necessary and refinished in black satin.


Hardware is polished to look like new. Or, if the customer chooses to, hardware can also be nickel plated for an addition charge


After rebuilding piano with new felt, a machine called "The Pounder" plays all the white keys, and then all the black keys over and over again. Subsequently, we can with certainty regulate the piano. This is a very lengthily procedure which includes many adjustments. The process is refined and repeated until the piano's mechanisms operates at topmost efficiency.


Piano is tuned at least 5 times prior to delivery.


Cabinet repaired and refinished
Hardware cleaned and buffed
New premium key-tops
Plate repaired/refinished
Soundboard logo replaced
Fall-board logo replaced
New custom pin-block (delignit)
Bridges repaired
New bass & treble strings
Dampers refinished
New hammers/shanks/flanges (Tokiwa)
Action repaired and regulated
Piano Pounder used to help regulate piano
Piano Tuned 4 times
2-3 Month turnaroud

Let us furnish your piano with a second life, and bring it back to its former glory. Visit our website for Antique Piano Restoration