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Yamaha U1 (1981) SOLD

High quality, full factory rebuilt Yamaha U1, with new parts and restored to new standard casing with mirror finished brass trimmings. Few Yamaha U1's go through such a long and detailed rebuilding and reconditioning process as ours do. The U1's we stock, dating from the 60's, 70's and 80's are virtually new pianos, and for the same price or less than you would pay for one with no work done, and sold as is in original state. We offer a five year warranty, free delivery, new adjustable stool, and free tuning on day of arrival. Tuning thereafter is 80 euro per year. This U1 has a full and rounded tone, crisp and clear, soft in the Tenor and Bass register, with even depth of tone throughout the range. The keys feel nice under the fingers when playing, they are brand new keys and perfectly balanced. The player can expend as little or as much energy as required and piano is versatile and dynamic. With the many new parts, and mint condition soundboard, the tone is big for its size and is on par with much bigger pianos. A lifetime instrument by a top maker and ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced.

Width: 151cm
Depth: 61.5cm
Height: 121cm