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Square Grand Piano Restoration

Vintage square grand pianos were manufactured in the mid-nineteenth century, in the Victorian age of building when master craftsmen built and trained the trade apprentice by carving and assembling furniture and pianos by hand, largely in small shops in the industrialized cities of the era from the Midwest to the upper east coast. Using old growth timber from hand sawn logs the piano builder would mold and glue the veneers of the plied case of square pianos with simple tools, clamps and forms. Being produced for a burgeoning market of upper middle class and the elite, careful attention was given to details to insure the piano would be a welcomed addition to the new owner's worldly possessions.

Since many local piano tuners and restorers are not versed in square grand restoring, many old square pianos are in a condition that is less than marginal both aesthetically and mechanically. With strings and felts over a century old the sound and tone quality is greatly reduced; lessening any musical potential the instrument might posses. Sadly in the past, square pianos have been defaced by some, the action and plate being removed to make a piece of furniture or desk or even worse, completely destroyed by being burned or carried away to the land field.

In recent years there has been a renaissance of interest and enthusiasm surrounding the square piano, this in part to the revival of the preservation and renewal of all things Victorian. There has also been a trend toward an increasing auction and market value of these pieces, insuring that their condition is good, many are bringing hefty sums. Now some of the most celebrated piano restorers and connoisseurs are engaging in the restoration and renewal of a large number of square grand pianos, thus preserving their legacy so they will be with us for generations to come.

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When you are ready to proceed with the restoration of your square grand piano there are several excellent informational sources about piano restoration that will assist you in meeting the piano restorer that is most suited forsquare grands. Finding a trusted rebuilder that has both reasonable prices and a reputation for excellent work is a necessity. Luckily there are several restoration shops that specialize in square grand pianos that have quick turn around times and reasonable prices.