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We buy used high quality pianos and are especially interested in working with pianos made by Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Bosendorfer, Baldwin, Richard Lipp, Chappell, Challen, Schiedmayer, Danemann, Henry F. Miller, Knabe, Mason & Risch, Sohmer, Bush & Lane, Estonia, McPhail, Haines Bros., Foster, Ivers & Pond, Atlas, Apollo, Silbermann, Kranich & Bach, Decker, Gibbons & Stone, Kurtzman, Schomacker, Biasus, Fischer, Heintzman, Bennet, Steiff, George Steck, Chickering, George Rogers, J.J. Hopkinson, Kawai, Grotian Steinweg, Ritmuller, Steingraeber, W. Hoffmann, Bentley, Sauter, Seiler, Haessler, Knabe, Schulze Pollmann, Albert Weber, W. Hoffmann, Stewart & Sons, Charles R. Walter, Bechstein, Fazoli, Bluthner and other fine piano makers. 

Your piano MUST be OVERSTRUNG unless it's a Bechstein. 

OVERSTRUNG: where the bass strings cross diagonally in front of the mid and treble strings. See image below.


If your piano is none of the above brand names, but is high quality, please email 10 images of both case and internals to: