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Secondhand Buying Tips

If you are a beginner pondering on buying a piano within tight budget, looking up for second-hand pianos can work for you. Choosing a second hand piano does not mean you are opting for a low quality one. There are a lot of pre-loved pianos for sale and with the enough information and guidance on how to select it, you might just find the right one with a quality that can meet your musical needs that does not have to be a burden to your wallet.

First is to decide what kind of piano that you want to purchase, whether a vertical or upright piano. Try to visit a local piano retailer so you can have an idea with these different piano types as well as their current price in the market. These piano dealers usually have new and used pianos. Have a salesperson assist you and give you the details regarding the piano. You can ask them to demonstrate or you can play the piano yourself and test how the piano will sound like and how responsive the keys will be to your fingers. Look also for the colour and size of piano that will match your living space. In piano stores, usually the used pianos they are selling are reconditioned ones, nevertheless, they still offer dealer warranty, delivery and complementary tuning. Trade-ins can also be offered if you already have a piano but would like to buy a higher quality one.

You can also choose to purchase privately, look for sellers online or in newspaper ads and arrange for you to see their piano. This is more risky because you have to make sure that the add is not a hoax, that the piano owner is serious in putting the piano in sale and the piano should still be in a working condition. If the piano is owned by serious pianist, you can expect the instrument to have been properly kept and maintained. Ask the owner if the piano is maintained regularly by a qualified technician because if not, the piano may need some restoration or tuning which will fall on the part of the buyer. Knowing how long have they had the piano and where it was stored is also important. This can somehow give you a heads up on potential tuning issues because if it has been in a public area or in a storage facility, the temperature of the surroundings can generally affect the piano's health. Be meticulous in checking for damages. It will be best to consult with a piano technician before deciding to get the musical instrument, for evaluation of the condition of the piano and to appraise if the piano is being sold in a reasonable price. The downside to this option is that there is no warranty and the delivery cost is shouldered by the buyer.

Take your time in selecting what piano to buy. A little preparation will go a long way. Someone's pre-loved piano can be your own musical treasure that can last a lifetime.

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