1892 Rebuilt & Restored Schwechten Grand Concert Overstrung (Serial No. 30438)
World reknowned Schwechten pianos are, "Extremely rare, no finer pianos have ever been made than those of the house of Schwechten. Based in Berlin, Schwechten pianos are prime examples of the top quality work that came out of some very small shops in Germany and Austria in the 19th century. The Schwechten line of pianos began with his elder brother Heinrich's shop in 1839. Georg Schwechten established his shop in Berlin in 1853 and specialized in exquisite hand crafted pianos such as this one. This fabulous line of instruments ended with Georg, who died in 1902's.

The casing is newly French Polished Rosewood veneer, and is tall, imposing, with shapely legs and ornate brass pedals. The tone is big, fat, rounded, with significant volume and presence, as it was designed to be heard on a stage, with the same size strings and soundboard as a Baby grand piano. The hammer heads and key tops were replaced in 2005, alongs with tapes and action felts, we have since replaced the balance rail bushings, some springs, and have cleaned the long thick strings. The pitch is stable and piano is regulated and tuned. This high quality German piano is a great age, but still plays beautifully, especially with the recent work carried out on the action and keys. There are very few Schwechten pianos in existence, as few were produced due to the amount of time invested in each one. In their day, they were ranked equal to Steinway and this Schwecten is a true family heirloom, with great character, tone, and overall presence.

Comes with new adjustable matching stool, free Leinster delivery, and five year Leinster warranty

Width: 152cm
Depth: 75cm
Height: 135cm