Schiedmayer Grand Piano

6'4" Rebuilt German Schiedmayer Grand Piano

A beautiful instrument that is completely rebuilt to the highest of standards using fine German materials. The piano looks and plays like new and is previously rebuilt with new strings, pins and pinblock, re-guilded iron frame with new felts and bushings, renewed brass trimmings, refinished brass castor wheels for ease of movement, replaced hammer heads, new action and keybed felts, large decorative music stand and ornate pedal section, large turned sturdy legs, quality shimmed soundboard and polished Rosewood case.

The action is responsive, with a perfectly balanced touch and even pure tone. The soundboard is big and projects clear volume and presence as required. Sound quality is superb, resonant and full throughout, potent and velvety in the bass, and strong to the last note. The mid and high range are clear, with lyricism and character, very pure sounding, mellow, smooth and even.  The instrument would suit any level of player and is stable in Concert Pitch or above. With the amount of work completed on this top make of instrument, it will see it new owner through a lifetime of play and become the loved family heirloom. It's one of the finest German instruments we have ever worked on and is truly a great piano, by a great German manufacturer. 



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