Ronisch Grand Piano

1905 Handbuilt German Ronisch Period Grand Piano

A rare and beautiful high quality Ronisch with newly French polished Rosewood veneered case, original ivory keys, and powerful rounded tone. The case was stripped and French polished by hand this month, brass trimmings are refinished and piano is thoroughly overhauled. Cast iron frame with decorative makers logos on the resonater holes, only to be found on the very finest Ronisch pianos.  Large soundboard, long strings, weighted keys, effective brass pedals and column style pedal section, large turned legs, decorative sculptured music stand, regulated action, stable tuning, responsive and with a medium touch. 

The tone is big, full and rounded, with a strong potent bass register, right down to the last note. Even depth of tone throughout the range, with nicely balanced keys suitable for most types of player. It's an instrument built using the very finest woods and internal components, with great presence and volume when required, where the player can expend as little or as much energy as required without holding back. It plays as good now as it did in 1905.

Ronisch are top makers, equal to that of a Bluthner or Bechstein, and this wonderful piano will become a true family heirloom due to its superior sound quality and overall aesthetics. Ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced.

Leinster Region: Comes with new adjustable matching stool, free delivery, and is tuned on arrival.