Rebuilt Bluthner

1922 Rebuilt Bluthner Overstrung Traditional Upright Piano

Every aspect of this stunning Julius Bluthner is restored and rebuilt to brand new. New strings, hammers, pins, felts, springs, leathers, buckskins, with refinished soundboard, new castor wheels and new back lining. The tone is full and powerful, rich and velvety, with precise dynamics, versatility and easy of touch. Light responsive action, feels good under the fingers, where the player can expend as little or as much energy as required. Lyrical singing line and even depth of tone, with a clear potent bass, resonant pure mid range and sparkling high end. The casing is like new, French polished with twenty coats followed by antique waxing. The entire brass works are restored to new, with new screws throughout and fully rebuilt pedal section. Ideal for all levels of player and hand built by one of the most notorius top makers of all time.

Width: 152cm
Depth: 60cm
Height: 130cm