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Broadwood (1969) SOLD

A tall, beautiful hand built deep Rosewood in excellent working order and ideal for a beginner up to advanced level player. It has a full rounded tone, soft and pure sounding, with a strong Tenor and potent Bass register. The touch is medium and the newly serviced action is responsive throughout the range. Very handsome restored to new standard French Polished case with renewed brassworks. Due to its long strings and large soundboard the piano has significant volume and presence when required, but overall is a rich, soft toned piano, and a nice instrument to play, not overly bright like some modern pianos, and expressive in the mid and high range, with good depth of tone due to the high quality woods and components used in its making. It's suitable for a player who wants to expend as little or as much energy as required in a particular piece, and without holding back.

Features: Recently Restored and Hand French Polished Cabinet, Strings Cleaned, Overstrung, Perfect Large Soundboard, Advanced Pedal System, Full Cast Iron Frame, Internal Under-Damping, Weighted and Balanced Keys, Renewed Brass-works and Trimmings, Makers Logo Enhanced, New Name-board Felt, Cleaned and Buffed Keys, Overhauled and Reconditioned Internals, Regulated Action and Tuned. Piano is ideal for the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Player. 

Dimensions: Width: 150cm Depth: 64cm Height: 130cm