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Geyer GU-123


Since 1877 in Eisenberg, Thuringia, Germany
O'Briain Pianos, Dublin, Ireland, are authorized agents for Geyer pianos in the Republic of Ireland. We stock the latest range of Geyer pianos which are available to view and play in our showroom located in Millbank Business Park, Lower Lucan Road, Lucan, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Geyer take pride that the acoustic elements of an A. Geyer piano are still made by hand using the individual, natural tension of the wood and not by using machines power to shape the crown in the sound board. This reflects the tradition of Mr. Geyer to join the forces of industry and craftsmanship together.

2017 Geyer GU-123: Price

History of A. Geyer Pianos
A. GEYER pianos enjoy a worldwide first class reputation. The origins of A. GEYER pianos begin in the piano factory, which the Geyer family established back in 1877 in Eisenberg, Thuringia, Germany. At this time Eisenberg was one of the centres among the German piano industry. To study the best of piano making, in all kinds and artistic variations, Mr. Geyer travelled the world several times from 1850–1875. Major locations in his life of travelling were London, New York, Moscow and Australia. His goal was to bring the best of all worlds back to his hometown of Eisenberg. In the early 1900s the GEYER factory prospered. Many well-known brands were made at the factory apart from the A. GEYER brand. Fuchs & Mohr, Wilh. Steinberg, Weisbrod and Sassmann. Mr. Geyer’s heritage to join the strength and knowledge of different cultures for a better resulting piano continues to survive today.

In 1997 Frederik Steffes became the owner and CEO of the factory in Eisenberg succeeding Mr. Altmeyer.

The passion of the craftsman to create a better sound by uncompromised quality of design, material and work is a true benefit in our modern world. Traditional knowledge about sound quality and acoustics, gave the A. GEYER pianos their sustainable, outstandingly beautiful sound. The knowledge consists not only in the craftsman skills, but also in quality of design and the correct choice of materials. Quality is not only due to good industrial processes, but also to a proven method of construction and good, well selected resistant materials.

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5 Year Warranty, Free Delivery, New Stool, Tuned & Buffed on Arrival