Danemann Concert Grand

1976 Restored and Reconditioned 9ft Danemann Concert Grand Piano 

Fully refurbished Danemann Concert Grand piano with powerful acoustic tone, significant presence and commanding volume. Ideal for all levels of player from beginner to advanced and suitable for recording studios, educational institutions and concert venues. 

A wonderful instrument to play with a responsive medium touch, perfectly balanced keys, even depth of tone throughout and strong potent bass register. This versatile and dynamic overstrung has a large soundboard, long strings, tight tuning pins and robust brass castor wheels for ease of movement. 

Newly refinished ebony polyester case, perfect keys, regulated action and tuned to Concert Pitch. An expressive and outstanding instrument of the highest quality. 

Danemann are a significant British manufacturer of very high quality pianos, based in Islington, London. W. Danemann has a reputation for producing pianos renowned for their fine tone and touch. From 1893-1980 they produced a wide range of pianos, with actions of high quality built by Renner and Schwander, from small to large uprights, 5'2" grands, 6'8" grands and up to 9'6" concert grands. Among their customers were British embassies, the P&O Lines, Harrods, various recording studios and many educational institutions. Their pianos were exported world wide including tropicalized versions for India and Africa. 

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