Challen Art Deco Overstrung-O'Briain Pianos

Challen Art Deco Overstrung

A very good quality instrument by a reputable British manufacturer of fine overstrung underdamper pianos. Ideal for all grades, responsive with a light to medium touch and perfect original keys. The tone is soft and mellow and piano is nice to play, even throughout with stable tuning. A nice alternative to a contemporary overstrung, as the piano has character, style, and is much more compact. The piano can be traded back in the future.

Compact dimensions: Width: 140cm Depth: 55cm Height: 114cm Ideal for flat or apartment, or any room.

Comes with new adjustable stool, free delivery, five year warranty, and is tuned on arrival.

Tuning annually is 80 if living in Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Wicklow, or Wexford.