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Bluthner Style 8 Grand Piano

5 Year Warranty | Free Nationwide Delivery + Set Up | New Adjustable Matching Stool | Tuned on Arrival
A beautiful, original, hand built German grand piano with French Polished light grained case, large turned legs, solid refinished brass castors, ornate music stand and shapely column style pedal section. Soft tone and previous key top replacement. The original soundboard and crown are in perfect working condition and has no cracks. The pinblock, pins, strings, frame, action, are all in tact, and again, are all original from 1897.

No strings were ever broken in previous tunings. Julius Bluthner developed the `Aliquot’ system of stringing whereby a (non-struck) fourth string sympathetically vibrates to create a more colourful tone and resonance. Aliquot stringing adds sound quality and value to this Bluthner. This is a very old Bluthner and would suit an occasional player, not a professional, as it lacks the dynamics, speed and versatility of a modern instrument. It plays very well for its age and is suitable for someone who wants a beautiful furniture piece that is played from time to time, but it is not suitable for a beginner to learn on, or for an advanced player.

Jobs Completed
Regulated, tuned and overhauled throughout
Hammers re-aligned, dampers and action serviced and re-centered
Brass trimmings refinished and buffed Felts replaced where necessary
Pressure blasted, lubricated, cleaned and repaired
Free play removed from action and keys
Pedals regulated and refinished