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Fully Restored & Completely Rebuilt Blüthner Period Grand Piano

A stunning example of a completely restored and rebuilt to new standard 6'3" Julius Blüthner Style 9 Grand piano with Aliquot Stringing. Blüthner are world famous German piano manufacturers and rank alongside the likes of Steinway, Bechstein and Bosendorfer. They are enjoyed internationally by students, professionals, and top class performing piano players. Brahms, Mahler, Debussy, Wagner, Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky all owned Blüthner pianos. Blüthner pianos are as popular today as ever and has equally made its mark in pop culture: Blüthners were used in many Beatles songs, such as Let It Be and The Long and Winding Road. In film, Blüthners have been used in The Sting, Hannibal and Iron Man!

The rebuild includes new high quality German Strings, new German Pin-Block, new Soundboard with Makers Logo Graphics, Guilded Frame, Restored Frame Graphics, Completely Rebuilt Internal Action with New Screws, Pins, Bushings and Felts Throughout, New Hammer Heads, New Dampers, Restored Damper System, and Refinished Original Keys. The casing is French polished by hand fifteen times followed by antique waxing and the dark grained Rosewood veneer finish is superb.

In everyway, this beautiful Blüthner is reborn to former glory. The tone is soft, pure, even, mellow and rounded. The tenor is rich and clear, the bass is potent and strong, down to the last note. The mid range is velvety and resonant, with a sparkling high end, as the Aliquot Stringing provides warm, bright, and more enhanced depth of tone. This instrument has a responsive medium touch and is nice to play, even throughout the range, enabling the player to expend as little or as much energy as required during play. We have carefully regulated and weighed off the action so that it performs to a high standard, with precise, balanced, responsive and even feel. 

A new Bluthner of similar size costs in excess of £70,000, so this rebuilt Bluthner offers great value for money and is a good investment for enthusiatic beginner or well seasoned pianist who wishes to play a high quality period instrument that is built by one of the most respected piano makers of all time.

Serial Number: 23351 (1894)