Bernard Steiner

2010 Bernard Steiner Acoustic Upright Piano

Restored to new standard Bernard Steiner contemporary acoustic piano with traditional dark Walnut case. A stunning piano aesthetically, with grained high sheen finish that shows the quality of the swirling wood grain, and ornate turned legs resting on large feet. The tone is full and rounded, bright in the high range, and potent in the bass. Overstrung, internal underdamping, cast iron frame, as new internal components, regulated, tuned to Concert Pitch, medium responsive touch, nicely weighted keys, refinished brass trimmings, practice pedal, three pedals, large soundboard, long strings, English built action, German strings and pin-block, key for locking lid, as new casing. Ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced, and an instrument built to last a lifetime.

Comes with new adjustable stool, free delivery, and is tuned on arrival.