1892 Rebuilt & Restored German C. Bechstein Upright Piano (Serial No. 31224)

High quality C. Bechstein with French polished veneered case, original ivory keys and rebuilt internals. Typically mellow rounded tone with light to medium responsive touch and perfect feel to the action. A nice instrument to play with a lyrical singing line and crisp clear resonance. Cast iron frame, internal underdamping, replaced hammer heads, dampers, new springs, felts, bushings, new brass, rebuilt pedal section and rods, new tapes, and stable in Concert Pitch. Ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced. A top German instrument that is completely overhauled to new standard and plays beautifully. A true family heirloom by the great Carl Bechstein.

Width: 146cm
Depth: 59cm
Height: 128cm

Comes with free delivery, new adjustable matching stool, five year warranty, and is tuned on arrival