August Forster

1960 (5'1") August Forster baby Grand Piano

Restored August Forster with beautiful and original walnut case, refinished brass fittings, original ivory keys, and rich mellow tone. A nice instrument to play, with reconditioned Action and responsive medium touch. The piano has a wide back arch, giving it a large soundboard for its compact size, so plenty of volume and presence when required. The legs are large and sturdy, giving it a tall look, as the top lid extends very high also. The pedals are effective and nicely shaped to look and feel good under your feet. The keys are flush, white, and perfectly balanced. The tone is even throughout, with a strong clear bass register and clean, pure sounding mid and high range. The wheels are small, shiny and move the piano quite easily without marking the floor. The player can expend as little or as much energy as required, as this Baby grand is solidly built and is able to keep up with even the most demanding of pianists. A piano to last a lifetime by a top manufacturer. Ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced.

Comes with free delivery, five year warranty, new adjustable stool, and is tuned on arrival