1849 Schroder-O'Briain Pianos

1849 Schroder


Rare & Unique German Vintage Schroder Upright Piano

This beautiful instrument is one of the oldest original pianos and qualifies as a rare museum piece demonstrating the early stages in the evolution of the piano. It's all original and is internally fully in tact and functional, with each note playing well, even after 168 years. The original ivory keys have slight yellowing but are in good shape. All the strings are present and a string has never been being broken by a player or tuner. It's roughly a tone below Concert Pitch and stable there with tight tuning pins and perfect soundboard. The tone is typically of its period and borders on harsh but has resonance and good volume. This piano is not suitable for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player. It is for someone who wants a stunning piece of furniture that has great history, rarity, character and functionality. This piano plays fine for its age, but is not for a learner.

Christian Heinrich Schroder (1802-1882) was a master craftsman and in 1836 received citezinship as a Hamburg resident. His firm C.H. Schroder Pianoforte-Fabrik Und Magazin was listed in the city directories from 1839 to 1863 at Catharinenstrabe 17, and until 1882 on the same street at No. 37.

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